Disco Inferno

The Derby High School wowed the audience with their exuberant performance of  Disco Inferno, a modern interpretation of Dante’s classic. The audience loved the interpretations of the 70’s hits, revelling in the glitz and glamour. The show ran on consecutive nights: December 20th and 21st. A cast of over 70 students showed utter dedication in rehearsals for the show and this paid off, culminating in two first class performances.

Disco Inferno is an exciting and energetic celebration, which encourages our students to imagine, create, act and discover their potential as artists. Participation in theatre requires discipline, pride and respect for others and provides students with many opportunities for growth as performers, technicians and lifelong learners.

Importantly, all proceeds raised by the event will be channelled back into future school and community projects.

It was an on an unforgettable journey through a glittering decade of flares and platforms.