Gateway to Success

The Year 7 Gateway trip was an excellent mix of diverse, engaging activities, staged at the University of Manchester, designed to help students work together and open their eyes to the exciting world of university life.

The action packed day began with a campus tour led by University Ambassadors followed by an ice breaker activity designed to help the groups gel together then it was swiftly into the six University Challenge activities. These were linked to University subjects and were designed to be engaging in a relaxed atmosphere allowing the students throughout these challenges to be discussing the experience and opportunities that the university has on offer.

The intriguing activities were Loop the Loop (exploring forces), Sweet Geography, Take a Look Inside (images from an MRI scanner), Speaking with your Hands (exploring British Sign Language), Chocs Away (tasting and looking at branding), and Sniff, Sniff (using our sense of smell).

The day culminated with an opportunity to question a panel of ambassadors about their experience, as students were able to compare and contrast the ambassadors journey towards graduation.

This opportunity offered the perfect blend of ideas and activities ensuring that the key aspects of University were demystified as Derby Students worked very effectively with both university staff and students from Chorlton High School.