Salters’ Festival full of intrigue

The Salters’ Chemistry Festival at Manchester University brought out the best in The Derby students’ investigative prowess as they competed in the labs to solve a murder in the Salters’ Challenge. They practiced forensic chemistry using test tube tests on the white power found on the body and used chromatography on the ink stains. Their code breaking skills were also put to the test. The University Challenge required students to build a liquid rainbow.

The challenges were done in pairs and the judges based their decisions on which teams used logic, teamwork, careful identification of chemicals, the cleanest work, best practical technique and who wrote the clearest and neatest report.

As the judges deliberated the students were treated to a Flash Bang show delivered by Dr Frank Mair.

19 teams took part in the challenge and unfortunately despite The Derby students’ superb lab work the team fell short of scooping the winning prizes.

See below: our chemists in action