BBC showcases media technology

Derby Year 10 students enjoyed an amazing day at the BBC in Salford as the BBC News School Report event engaged them in a series of media workshops.

Students were challenged to think about the development of Artificial Intelligence and how the brain operates. As they entered the Blue Room, they saw how innovative technology is being used. Everything from TV developments, to how camera technology is helping journalists out in the field, was explored. The Virtual Reality headsets gave them the opportunity to explore space and encounter dinosaurs!

The afternoon session enthused them in a thought provoking workshop scripting, assigning roles, filming and editing their own investigative journalism exploring the debate about social media being a force for good or ill. Their confidence and presentation skills were superb.

These trips to Media City are immensely inspirational for the students as the ambiance of the area fills them with awe and wonder and a desire to want to be part of such a captivating career.

The next steps are to begin work creating their own news reports, impressing the BBC with their myriad skills!