Restorative Practice session amazes delegates

Derby students exhibited amazing leadership skills as they enthused and motivated delegates at the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Network Event organised by Bury Children’s Trust. The Derby ran two emotionally powerful workshops, on Restorative Practice, alongside two students from Holy Cross College and a police officer. The workshop was organised by Emotional Health and Well Being Coordinator-Lesley Davidson.

This event was part of anti-bullying week with the hard-hitting message that we are all different, all equal. Restorative Practice involves bringing victims and perpetrators together. The workshop illustrated its fantastic success rates. A video was shown entitled The Woolfe Within about Peter Woolfe a burglar who became completely reformed, as a result of the process, but it was the confident, engaging, magnificent delivery of the students in a superbly acted role play and commanding facilitation of the workshop that really lit up the session.

The hope is to take this practice back into schools to ensure that it is used as a highly effective tool to combat bullying.

Below: Our students and Holy Cross students deliver with style and confidence.