Presentation Evening 2017


 The Derby’s Presentation evening was a superb celebratory event. It remembered the Class of 2017 and was a chance for students to meet up for one last time at the school and reflect on their achievements.

Speeches from the Headteacher, their head of year 11, Mr Lewis and a powerful speech by Councillor Rishi Shori, as well as a performance by Fortissimo Brass Ensemble and  videos designed to illustrate their time at The Derby set the tone for an energised evening.

The Headteacher Helen Hubert outlined the great success of the year 11s:

“Last year we were second in Bury for student progress and this year progress results for the class of 2017 were the joint highest for Bury schools and puts the school in the top 18% of schools in the country. Students here make more progress than students in most schools in the country. These results are testament to the excellent teaching our students have received and demonstrate that hard work really does pay off! Well done to each one of you – please be assured that the school and your parents are immensely proud of all of you.”

The Headteacher illustrated the need for service based on the quote by Winston Churchill:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

Ms Hubert went on to illustrate that, “Service requires duty, dedication and commitment. Each of us has gifts: skills, talents, material resources, connections and presence – everything we consider ourselves privileged to have – that we can share.”

Tribute was paid to former Headteacher, the late Alyson Byrne, as Ms Hubert outlined the great things that Mrs Byrne achieved. The superb dedication to The Derby and outstanding work of both Deputy Headteacher Mr Margolis and Mrs Burns was also highlighted.

The Head welcomed Councillor Shori explaining he is committed to making Bury one of the best boroughs to live, work and be educated in.

The students were delighted to receive their awards.

Below: Special guests and prize winners from left to right

Nawees Raza, Councillor Rishi Shori, C J Takawira, Madihah Shah, Headteacher Helen Hubert, Mayor of Bury Councillor Dorothy Gunther, Mayor’s consort Michael Gunther, Chair of Governors Colonel Eric Davidson MBE, Aaminah Ashraf, William Brockbank and Rebecca Jones.