Charity week raises awareness

This week has been a special time at The Derby allowing us to focus on charities, both local and national, to raise awareness of the amazing work they do and take action to support them. Assemblies were structured so that each charity had a selection of forms from each year group to work with. After the assemblies, ambassadors from each of the forms spent a lesson gaining a more in depth understanding of the charity and discussed ideas about fundraising.

Mr Langford exclaimed, “The students in the group sessions were amazing. They had a real thirst to find out more about the charity and what they could do raise funds. They also showed compassion and understanding about the importance of this work”

The Charities focused on were Macmillan, Bury Hospice, Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, Barnardo’s and Water Aid. The Derby would like to thank all the representatives from these charities who delivered the assemblies and sessions during this week.

This was the start of a fantastic initiative. The hope is now that their ideas will be allowed to flourish and be put into practice. Mr Kerr will ensure the groups have enough time and support to make great things happen.

See below our Charity Ambassadors