Stunning Recall

The magnificent multi school collaboration on the Recall project reached a crescendo as the workshops were rehearsed and delivered to all the schools, then each schools individual session was led by the students themselves, as they delivered superb CPD sessions to high school teachers after school hours at The Derby.

They exuded confidence, delivering powerful performances. The sessions considered of The Derby using amazing drama Sketches to deliver The Charge Of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson and Poppies by Alison Weir. Fantastic, innovative art sessions were delivered By Ambrose Barlow on the poem London by William Blake. Falinge Park High School also did highly energised sessions using physical theatre to illuminate Letters from Yorkshire by Maura Dooley and Singh Song by Daljit Nagra. Abraham Moss sung, a beautiful version of Emigree by Carol Rumens using the chord structure of a Syrian folk song and powerfully expressed Exposure by Wilfred Owen in a harrowing soundscape.

The purpose of the project is to use exciting delivery methods that could be cascaded to teachers to enthuse and inspire students to remember their GCSE poems. The students were stunning terms of their delivery.