DISCOVER officially opened

The Derby’s fantastic new suite of science labs, DISCOVER were officially opened by Sir Peter Ogden Founder and Trustee of The Ogden Trust (a trust which promotes the teaching and learning of Physics).

The grand opening featured a myriad of VIPs who met with students, including year eleven pupil Zidan Khan Winner of last year’s Ogden Prize for Physics. Sir Peter Ogden cut the ribbon then toured the labs as he observed the state of the art facilities, complete with inspirational quotations and awe inspiring images displayed and projected onto the walls. He witnessed exciting and engaging Physics lessons in addition to observing our science staff delivering curriculum enhancing CPD to primary school teachers from some of our partner schools.

The facilities ensure that Science is used to raise aspirations, and motivate and encourage pupils to reach their full potential. All this was made possible by funding from the Ogden Trust, The Wolfsen Foundation, Curious Minds and Bury Council. Paul Smith and Co Plumbing and Building Services and Bury Council Architect Nick Doyle ensured the construction of the labs designed by Innova Design Group Ltd,  was first class.

Mr Paul Kerr Director of Science enthused:

“I was so pleased when Sir Peter agreed to come and open Discover. The Ogden Trust are a long standing partner of ours and this is not Sir Peter’s first visit to our school. In 2004 he opened our Performing Arts space following his support for our successful bid to become the country’s first Science and Arts College. The Trust have also supported us through a Secondary Science Partnership, a Primary Science Partnership, The Ogden Fellowship Programme and The Teach Physics Internship where we are one of the most successful schools in the country at converting undergraduate Physics students into the Physics teachers of tomorrow.”