Colossal creativity on the moon!

The NWCCC Schools STEAM  Workshop, The Sun and Moon Village Design Project inspired our year 8 students as they discovered fascinating facts about our amazing sun, exploring aspects such as the solar corona, sun spots and solar power as Dr Helen Mason OBE from Cambridge University enthusiastically expounded her expert knowledge as a solar scientist. This was accompanied by Helen Schell, Artist and ESERO UK Space Ambassador who spoke about the wonders of the moon, such as the seas of the moon, the Apollo landings and how space suits are designed.

The students used all this exciting knowledge to either create (as a piece of artwork) a Moon Village, a Moon Base and Mars Training Facility, a Spacesuit and Robots, Moon Tourism or use of Solar Technology as a piece of Art. This was a superb array of choices and led to some extremely creative pieces of work. The two hour session breezed by in this amazing opportunity.