Inspiring Women!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, The Derby High School held a fantastic event, as an array of inspiring women spoke of their life experiences and their careers. A huge amount of current careers were represented such as; marketing, a personal trainer, a Director of Culture in ICT, Governors, Education Welfare, a solicitor, working for the Ideas Foundation, a police detective, teachers and our own Headteacher. The room was decked out as a celebration of the event, featuring special displays.

The whole of Year 9 had access to the event that involved them speaking to each of the women focusing on the representatives’ experiences at school, if they would do things differently, what advice they would give their 14 Year old self and what is the best thing about being a woman.

What impressed the girls was understanding the challenges and obstacles that they may face and developing the resilience to stand up and overcome these and to stand up for equality and change.

Ms Heath had organised the event that proudly ran under the banner of:

“I am strong, I am smart, I can do anything, I am a woman!”

This was a superb morning that motivated, inspired and raised the aspirations of all the students involved. We would like to thank all the representatives who freely gave their time for such a wonderful event!