Year 9 Shine In Ryman Challenge

The National Enterprise Challenge-Ryman Challenge was enthusiastically delivered by four facilitators to the whole of Year 9. The students immersed themselves in the challenge superbly and undertook the task to create a dynamic new advertising campaign to replace the existing Back to School campaign for the stationary company, Ryman

Students had a carefully structured tasks, which culminated in them getting on stage to present their ideas. The completion was fierce. Each team consisted of 6 students battling against 27 other teams.

The students had to explain their advertising campaign, look at the target audience and create a company name, slogan log and mascot. They also had to think about a store display, website marketing and a poster that conveyed their ideas. A social media idea and acting out a You Tube advert completed the mammoth task. The hall was a hive of activity. All this was done in just 4 hours!

This was a fantastic opportunity for students of all ability levels to work together and shine, as they all played a role in the final presentations. Nine teams top teams were chosen to do the presentations but there could only be one winner. Team 28-Explore, with their innovative campaign, were delighted to win the prize of competing at the National Final on 4th Of July in Telford.

An amazing opportunity!