Dynamic way to raise attaintment

Fun, competitive and mentally challenging are all words that are apt to describe the action packed session that our year 10 students took part in at Manchester Metropolitan University, as the wonderful series of  sessions of the Mathematics Club continued.

Rigorous training to be able to combat the challenges of GCSE Mathematics was undertaken, as the students revelled in the tasks.

An amazing array of activities led them through the importance of reading instructions carefully, then applying logic to find the solutions. Whether this was to complete the shape and space property cards, or to use origami skills to build small pyramids to link together to make a football, this session had it all. Even the football, when complete, had to be labelled on each panel with mathematics terminology.

Perhaps the most adrenalin fuelled activity was the frenzied card game, ‘24’, as pairs of students raced to choose the level of difficulty, in an effort to gain points, using all four numbers on a card applying a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to achieve 24.

Innovative worksheets with puzzles on ensured every minute of time was utilised in the sessions.

This was a fantastic way to get out students working in different, unfamiliar groups, all striving to gain the skills that will help them climb the ladder of success in their GCSEs, underlining The Derby’s commitment to strengthen our students’ resilience and understanding to achieve even higher standards in Mathematics.