Wise Up!

Our Year 10 Aspirational Leadership Spirit cohort are eagerly awaiting the exciting summer school, ‘Wise Up’, a four day residential experience at the University of Manchester. Sam Kalubowila, Head of Greater Manchester Higher, visited the group to expound the myriad benefits of going university, stressing the fact that university will broaden your horizons. He outlined his own educational journey, and asked those in the group to also reflect on the fact that many of the student leadership team in The Derby, had in the past, been drawn from the Leadership Spirit Programme. By going on ‘Wise Up’ they were being given a wonderful opportunity to inform, challenge and immerse themselves in the university experience.

Sophie Flieshman who heads up the summer school and Naomi Roussak, from the Gateways Programme, explained the residential in detail, enthusing about how participants could stay in halls, mix with a variety of students from other schools, get a taste of different university subjects and fully understand the progression from university. Not only this, but there will be quizzes, a cinema visit and a disco! It will be action packed! McCauley, a student ambassador was on hand to recount his experience of university and explain the support that ambassadors give on the programme.

Sam Wade from Greater Manchester Higher, who supports the Aspirational Leadership Spirit group, echoed the sentiments of the presenters. The Derby would like to all our guests for their support for this project.

What an opportunity!