Majestic Dove Stone Scenery!

Our fabulous Nature Club enjoyed one of their biggest adventures yet, as they ventured out to Dove Stone RSPB Nature Reserve. They embarked on a five mile exploration, as they absorbed the beauty of the captivating scenery and amazing birdlife. We had a superb guide, John from United Utilities, who explained the key features of the site.

John pointed out the importance of the Sphagnum Moss in helping reinvigorate the site, by absorbing vast quantities of water, which in turn, encourages the site to teem with life, resulting in birds coming to dwell on the site.

Armies of volunteers help redistribute the moss to ensure if covers the area. Our students were able to participate in this process as well. The success of the trip could be captured in one student who joyfully exclaimed, “Wow! We are in the countryside!”

The Nature Club, run by Mrs Thornton, consists of students across many year groups. The club is grateful to all those who supported this trip, our Governor David McLenachan and our United Utilities guide.