Gateway opened to university exploration

Our Year 7s were introduced to the excitement of embarking on the university experience.

The ‘Gateway Programme’ at the University of Manchester took them on a scenic campus tour.

Our ambassador ensured that they were armed with just enough facts to whet their appetite on the tour. The group then headed in back indoors to participate in a team building ice breaker, before breaking into groups to do six workshops, ‘The University Challenge!’

‘Loop the Loop’ was an activity exploring the Magnus Effect, ‘Chocs away’ looked at the marketing of confectionary, ‘Sniff Sniff’ explored different scents, ‘Speaking with your hands referred to sign language, ‘Sweet Geography’ looked at population and ‘Take a look inside’ focused on MRI scans. Each of these engaging activities got the students thinking, questioning and working together with different schools.

The chance to interview the University Ambassadors led to a lot of useful information being gleaned.

The students left the university relishing the opportunity to go into higher education.