Media City giants!

Our Year 9 finalists on the I Am Creative project grew in statue as our three teams delivered, confident, dynamic performances. Fulfilling the brief to create an advertising campaign, to showcase Radio 1’s Big Weekend, they each came up with innovative ways to capture their target audience.

In preparation for their powerful Media City presentations they had researched, balanced information giving with the ‘magic’ needed to capture hearts and minds and created a ‘big idea’

Our imaginatively titled teams, ‘Advanced Age’, ‘Radio Rockers’ and ‘Vision of Rhythm’ competed against the other three finalists from Tottington High School. Despite not winning the overall prize our teams were a credit to the school, grasping the opportunity they had been given.

This had been the culmination of many weeks of preparation and hard work. Visiting Media City and being part of that environment, performing in front of judges consisting of industry professionals has been a valuable learning experience.

Working with the Ideas Foundation this had been another hugely successful project.