The brilliance of numbers!

“Colourful, vibrant and fun”. These words capture the essence of the Math Magic event at the Whitworth Art Gallery,  an event run by University of Manchester.

The PGCE Maths students led the fantastic series of workshops. Derby students were immersed in the workshops that used a myriad of visual art expressions to celebrate the joy of working with numbers and mathematical concepts.

The Pi skyline workshop engaged the students by using the numbers that make up Pi, linking them to different coloured paints. These paints were then blown through bottles to create a majestic sky, underpinning this was a silhouette of skyscrapers, the height of which were determined by the value of Pi. (see below, Pi is depicted reading from right to left on the building)

Another workshop involved students creating designs that were replicated according to lines of symmetry. A multi coloured multiplication collage that left behind the prime numbers was also a sight to behold.

Our students worked together superbly well, creating brilliance in their designs. They will undoubtedly have increased their appreciation for the beauty and wonder of mathematics.