Festival of Chemistry challenges

The Salters’ Institute Festival of Chemistry 2018, sponsored by Lanxess, engaged an enthusiastic team of four, Year 7 students, in two challenging tasks, as they battled against 15 other schools!

Our team put on their lab coats and googles and worked against the clock to first solve ‘The case of the missing centenary trophy’ and then ‘Grandpa’s clock’. The former task involved then performing tests on a powder and chromatography on the inks. The second task required the students to mix chemicals in a beaker in an effort to make them go foggy and make the clock underneath the beaker ‘disappear’.

The judges based their decisions on which teams used logic, teamwork, careful identification of chemicals, the cleanest work, best practical technique and who wrote the clearest and neatest report.

As the judges deliberated the students were treated to a Flash Bang show delivered by Dr Frank Mair.

The students did not win the first prize but did not leave empty handed gaining certificates and a gift bag. They had performed to an excellent standard, demonstrating superb teamwork.