Full Steam Ahead!

The Derby High School is preparing for our ‘Steam Garden’ Celebration on 12th July. The evening event that runs from 6pm-8pm at the school is a festival for the community where an exciting programme of musical and theatrical performances will be running throughout the evening and a huge variety of stalls offering games, food and activities linked to curriculum areas will be available.

The action packed festival is to celebrate the opening of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Garden. The idea for the garden sprang from the students desire to have a seated area that was somewhere they could relax outside at break times. The idea blossomed and with full consultation with the students became the start of the STEAM Garden idea.

Our students have done some fantastic work in RHS projects such as the ‘Green Plan It Challenge’ and representatives from this group provided invaluable input. Derby students have been approaching businesses in an effort to get as many people on board as possible on the amazing journey ahead. STEAM is an apt acronym given the historic links Bury has with the East Lancashire Railway. The locomotive theme will be a feature of all we do!

The Derby’s Director of Arts Mrs Provoost worked in partnership with Curious Minds who funded the project said:

“We believe the Arts can empower all areas of our curriculum, and be the beating heart of the garden, intertwined with an invigorating curriculum that enables our students to flourish. What an amazing time to be at The Derby High School!”

The garden is a bespoke learning environment that is designed to provide the ideal opportunity for students to learn outside in a garden that has features and stimuli drawn from curriculum areas. The garden provides the ideal platform to showcase the Derby School Community but also to reach out to the wider community as we celebrate the joy of learning in new and innovative ways.

Rachel Gildert the Landscape Architect for the project has done a superb job with the plans that has led to great construction by Groundwork Landscapes Limited.

See below our team of students driving the project forward.