Animal magic!

The Science and Arts Summer School for Year 9 students was a fascinating exploration of animal life.

Instilling in the pupils the ability to identify birds and other animals was the first theory task in the classroom, expertly done by Mrs Thornton. The students then headed off to Martin Mere Wetlands Centre. Pond dipping was first on the schedule. Identifying the pond life using drawings and magnifying glasses and microscopes further enhanced the student’s knowledge.

Exploring the grounds enabled the students to observe birds from the hides and feed the geese and ducks using seeds. The environment was magical as the students soaked up the beauty of all that was around them.

Day 2 was a full day’s visit to Chester Zoo. The five and a half hour stay was still not enough to exhaust the students desire to simply see more. The students revelled in the sheer scale of the zoo and its exhibits.

The students had extended their learning and were very appreciative of all that they had seen and learned.