Fantastic Prizegiving!

Our Lower School Prizegiving was a fantastic event, a chance to reward our students with subject, attendance, pastoral and special awards.

The Mayor of Bury Councillor Jane Black and our Chair of Governors Colonel Eric Davidson presented prizes.

Our Headteacher reviewed the year. Here are some highlights from that speech:

“In March 2018, we were visited by Ofsted and were delighted that they have recognised that we continue to be a good school. They have acknowledged the good work that we are doing and that the school continues to move forward.

One of our biggest accomplishment in 2017/2018 has to be the creation of a STEAM Garden. A project that grew from the Student Council’s request to have improved seating facilities outside.

We brought our community together to celebrate this accomplishment with a spectacular Garden Party

To some extent schools could be compared to gardens – you, our students are the seeds and we, your teachers and staff are the gardeners. Each and everyone of you though is a different kind of seed and we need to care for you according to your individual needs. It is our role, as educators, to prepare the ground and tender the garden. We do this through the curriculum and experiences we offer. Also, by providing water and fertiliser (the knowledge, understanding and skills essential for growth), pruning the plant (regular feedback so you know which direction to grow in), removing the weeds or propping up the plant (supporting you when times are tough) and also keeping animals and insects away (ensuring you are safe at all times). I can think of no better job than to be a gardener in this sense and it is wonderful to see you all here today knowing how much you have grown over the year.”

The Headteacher outlined the fact that the Derby is a school that offers amazing opportunities:

“Well-over 100 trips, visits and projects have taken place this year”

Our work in the community and Charity work was also outlined. However Ms Hubert paid tribute to Mr Margolis:

“One person in our school community, Mr Margolis, Deputy Headteacher, is leaving The Derby High School this year to begin his retirement after 15 years’ service to our school and 38 years’ service to education. The impact he has had was recognised in the 2014 Ofsted report highlighting the Outstanding Leadership & Management at our school.”

I would like to finish with a quote from Audrey Hepburn, who said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” This is a surely a message of hope for all our young people in this room. It means that what we are doing here, at The Derby High School, will make a difference beyond the years you spend with us. We planted a garden at The Derby High School for you because we believe in your future potential and we all look forward to seeing you continue to grow over the years to come.”

See below our Prizewinners Alicia Penghama (Characher Prize) and Laiba Mohammed (Pupil of Lower School)