Wise Up Summer School amazes participants!

The University of Manchester’s Y10 Wise Up… Do Something Different Summer School, part of the Greater Manchester Higher Uni:4U summer school programme saw 12 DHS students attend a 4 day action packed residential.

They joined with a huge number of students from across Greater Manchester,  attending engaging lectures, challenging workshops and participating in a wide range of university based activities. They even stayed in the student flats gaining an experience of what its like to be a university student.

Our students were superb ambassadors for the school. It would not be overstating the case to say that for many this will be a defining moment in shaping their future.

The testimonies of our students are the best way to describe the event:

“I really enjoyed it as there were plenty of activities to do. Overall this helps me going to the future”

“The student ambassadors were very helpful and at the end of the summer school I desperately wanted to stay”

“If anyone gets the chance, like I had, I would tell you to GO!”

“As we were put into groups with people from other schools, who we did not know, to have the chance to make new friends. Initially, at the start of the week I was nervous but at the end, we were inseparable”

“(I never thought) I would build such a strong bond with new people”

“The summer school..was an amazing experience. We lived like actual Uni students for a week and experienced things we couldn’t elsewhere.”

“Summer School was one of the best experiences I have had”

“Graduating Summer School was probably one of my greatest achievements ever. My experience of Summer School was just way too short!”

Simply brilliant!

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