Social Media Alert

We have been informed by the safeguarding team at Bury L.A that there are a number of Instagram accounts linked to Radcliffe usernames that could be compromising the safety of young people.

The main site of concern is an Instagram account named,       i_know_you_Radcliffe_2

Young people are sending their names to the account holder and then the account holder responds with information including the street the child lives on, the school they attend, the friends they have in school and names of siblings, relationships etc. This makes the young people vulnerable to any predators out there who may be accessing this site.

We have been asked to remind all parents’ / carers to check that any social media accounts that your children have are set to private. Remember that all these sites have age ratings and children under these ages should not be using these accounts.

The site has been reported to CEOP.

We have a number of useful links on our website that you may want to access;