Success in the shadow of Concorde

Our Year 10 students, who won the McBride Make It Enterprise Challenge in Rochdale last year, arrived at the Runway Visitor Centre full of promise.

The ‘Make It’ final, sponsored by Tata Chemicals, was a tense completion, fought underneath the wings of Concorde. This spectacular event involved our students choosing an aircraft design, costing different components and marketing this aircraft to potential customers. They had to cost and build a shuttle model out of plastic that would be used in the factory to move around the materials and design a flight path for the aircraft. They then had to deliver an innovate presentation to the audience and judges.

The Derby created the ‘White Hawk Aerospace industry’ with the aim of making a smooth ride aircraft design were comfort was the driving factor. They acted out a cinema advert on stage, superbly scripting and acting the  advert set in an aircraft cabin.

A presentation by Tata Chemicals also served as a great ‘employer encounter’ as the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry were expounded.

Despite not winning the trophy, they had an amazing time which also included a tour of Concorde. Truly memorable!