BSAFE BCOOL heightens awareness

The whole of Year 9 were engaged in the action packed BSAFE BCOOL day. There was a thought provoking, dramatic start to the day, provided courtesy of Bury College Performing Arts students, as they highlighted racism, prejudice, bullying, legal and health issues, drugs and alcohol, in their exciting stage performance.

The students then moved to workshops, to look at crime prevention and anti-social behaviour, led by Greater Manchester Police and the ASB teams. Sodexo prison services focused on the damaging consequences of crime. Health Trainers delivered an important session, looking at healthy relationships.

The afternoon ended with all the year 9 groups, united in the hall, as the Prevent Terrorism session, presented by Greater Manchester Police, left a lasting emotional impact.

The students, once more, had experience that heightens there awareness and increases their understanding of the importance of community cohesion and the part they play in this.