Andy Briggs’ infectious enthusiasm!

Renowned Author Andy Briggs’ latest visit to the Derby High School was as energising as ever. His boundless enthusiasm for his art was infectious, as he presented to all our year 7 students and our visitors in year 6 from St Luke’s Primary School.

His presentation was almost as action fuelled as his books. He implored his audience to fully experience a story, be moved by it, don’t let the fact you might not understand the odd word slow you down.

His compelling narrative ranged from his direct experience of elephants, volcanoes, gorillas and bananas! These all helped give a tremendous depth and excitement to his narrative in his Tarzan books. He brought Tarzan into the modern world in 2012 with a stunning series of books.

His Inventory stories contain a world of amazing gadgets and he vividly described these. From his work on a factual book How to be an International Spy to his graphic novels such as Dino Corps he gave us a comprehensive tour of his work.

Giving modern day examples of why writing is important, stating everything from reality TV to video games involves a script and great writing. He urged us to be creative.

He left us to reflect on his latest work Drone Racer that has a talking drone in it. The students asked some insightful questions and left excited about the prospect of delving into literature.