Our amazing ‘Class of 2018’ celebrates

A packed hall awaited the class of 2018 leavers at The Derby High Awards Evening. Having indulged in delicious canapés and drinks and viewed our fantastic Art Exhibition, the young people were primed for an amazing evening and the event did not disappoint. The Derby Dancers, a new addition to this year’s event, ignited the schedule with a great performance ‘Come Alive’. Our Derby Brass Ensemble also produced a superb performance of ‘Celebrate’.

Their Year Co Ordinator, (Now Assistant Headteacher) Mrs Davies spoke sincerely of the memories that she has of the class of 2018. Special Guest, Bury North MP, James Frith delivered an outstanding speech that was multifaceted and inspirational. His rapport with the audience was very special, as he urged them to take responsibility to be leaders.

Awards this year were given for each subject’s top achiever and those who had made the most progress in the subject. Being top for progress is very important for The Derby as this year’s class of 2018 came top in Bury in the Progress 8 measure. Overall Top 10 Progress, Attendance awards and the award of GSCE/BTECs all featured.

The special awards this year consisted of: The Fascinate Award for Science (Sponsored by University of Manchester), Creative Scholar (Sponsored by the Ideas Foundation), Community Involvement (Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Radcliffe), Sports Personality, 7Rs Role Model and Most Resilient Student. The recipients of these awards had made an invaluable to the school and deserved their moment to shine on stage.

The final two awards were for overall excellence and progress. These awards were scooped by two fine examples of dedication to their studies and a flourishing self-confidence.

Headteacher Ms Hubert in her compelling speech, exuded praise for the students and reflected the astonishing achievements of the school, both in terms of results and the vast array of opportunities that The Derby gives its students:

“This year progress results for the class of 2018 were the best in Bury and significantly higher than any other school in the Local Authority. This puts the school in the top 15% of schools nationally and students here make more progress than students in most schools in the country…. To all our prize winners, young people who have undoubtedly blossomed over the year. You are an extremely capable and talented group of young people. I have really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. You are a great bunch of young people. I wish each and every one of you good luck in your future endeavours. I hope you will enjoy safe travels, go out and make your mark on the world and come back and share your stories.”

This was a truly great evening for all involved.