Great Challenges

The Year 8 Gateways trip provided our students with a raft of amazing challenges and workshops at The University of Manchester. The Alphabet challenge was a good starter to get the students thinking about the myriad subjects on offer at University. Ambassador speed questioning allowed each student group to explore the depth of university study/life with an ambassador.

The workshops, which they subsequently moved on to, explored behavioural evolution in nature and looked at how animals co-operate to gain advantage. The students explored ‘Game Theory’ to understand this, playing a game with counters that linked rewards for each player. This was a STEM workshop.

The Humanities workshop came in the form of Drama as the students looked at movement and how students can work collectively to communicate and follow commands.

The Health aspect of the curriculum was explored, as the students looked at genetics, trying to solve a murder using DNA technology.

As the session came to a close the whole group collectively interviewed the Ambassadors, to get further insights into university and let the University of Manchester students tell their story.

This was a comprehensive day, filled with lots of new learning experiences.