Chemistry show ignites aspirations

The Royal Society’s Christmas Flash Bang Show, in memory of Ernest Worthington, wowed the audience with an amazing array of colours, sounds, and aromas as Dr Frank Mair weaved his ‘magic’ in this spectacular demonstration of colossal chemistry.

The event was attended by many schools from the North West and was held in the Great Hall of Bolton School, a fitting setting for this breath taking showcase. Our year 7 group revelled in the atmosphere from their front row seats.

Dr Mair made solutions continually change colour, foam and ignite. We heard barking sounds, loud bangs, saw sparks fly, were delighted as dry ice covered the stage and were captivated by his explanations.

The event was a superb advert for the power of Chemistry to inspire and Dr Mair hoped it would be the catalyst to those seeking to pursue Chemistry as a career.

It was perhaps best summed up by one student who keep joyfully exclaiming, “This is Science! This is Science!”