Stars, badges and brunch!

It was fantastic to celebrate the success of our students our week of rewards assemblies

Students were rewarded for the best attitude to learning (ATL) average. The students with the top average received a blue star badge.

There were rewards for the top number of achievement points, students earned their bronze badges with two students in year 7 achieving silver. Students have also been invited to a special brunch with the Headteacher on Wednesday.

The three most improved students earned a red star badge. These were:

Kealey Mcnamara

Reece Heaton

Amy Boardman

Two students got the highest ATL average in the whole school – ATL score 4 (outstanding):

Ayesha Jan

Hirra Asghar

The following students were recognised for their extracurricular achievement: Kian Thirkhall for his winning Christmas Card design and Lewis George for his Thai Boxing exploits.

We are delighted that these prize winners are striving to be great ambassadors for our school and are great exemplars of the 7Rs.

See our gallery of winners from each year group below