A time for charity

Mr Kerr used the last week of term to highlight the importance of giving of our time, our money, to others in acts of charity. He said charity can take many forms such as helping, donating, volunteering and being a voice for others. He used the story of scrooge Christmas Carol to underline his message, that it makes a huge difference to people’s lives.

He reflected on the five charities were chosen for forms to support-Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity, Bury Hospice, Banardos, MacMillan and Water Aid. The purpose and message of each charity was outlined once more, to ensure the school knew the importance of the local, national and international charities. Following on from the rewards assemblies he stressed the students should feel good displaying their charity badges.

Ending with a collection that will be split amongst the five charities. The students were left in no doubt of the importance of his message.