Breaking Free

The Derby has staged a magnificent version of High School Musical over three nights. The audience has been spellbound by superb acting and emotional vocal performances as the love story between High School Basketball star Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez,  and the twists and turns that threaten their relationship, has unfolded.

A cast in excess of fifty enthusiastic students were involved in the production, which showcases the talents of our school as they exude joy and freedom with their astonishing break out performances.

The production is supported by a vast array of volunteers from across the school as they ensure costumes, set construction and stage management are produced to an exacting standard.

High School Musical is an exciting and energetic performance, which offers students a whole range of learning opportunities encompassing all areas of the Arts. It provides an excellent vehicle for enhancing students’ life skills such as communication, team work, problem solving and confidence building.

The students and audience alike left with such invigorating songs such as ‘Breaking Free’, ‘Bop to the Top’ and of course ‘We’re all in this Together’ recurring in their minds, in this unforgettable performance.