Girls excel at Barclays event

Twelve, year 9 girls from The Derby were enthusiastic and committed, to rise to the challenge of the ‘IT Girls Allowed’ event organised by Barclays. The girls braved the early start as they journeyed to The Barclays Technology Centre, Radbroke, near Knutsford.

The purpose of the event was to inspire and motivate the girls to see the wonders of IT. Coding to move robots around a track was the first activity. This involved ensuring that the programming was adjusted using trial and error in a series of test runs with the robot. One of our groups managed the circuit in 18 seconds which was pretty impressive!

The ‘Future Ideas’ session was next on the agenda. This inspired the girls to look into the future, and using STEM, create something innovative that could become a reality several years from now. Up for grabs was a Kindle Fire! All of our girls excelled at this. Three students were chosen to present their ideas and Kanval Farooq scooped the top prize with her idea!

Cryptography was the last exercise as engaging and exciting puzzles were set before them. Luckily there were plenty of Barclay’s volunteers on hand to support this session and steer the girls in the right direction to empower them to complete the tasks. The strength of support from the volunteers in all sessions spoke volumes for the effective organisation of the event.

Each activity had a clear introduction, delivered with enthusiasm by the Barclays staff. This ensured the girls saw how the activity was applicable to finance, technological innovation and how crucial it is that the girls get on board with a technological revolution that can be a force for good in our world.