E Safety Alert


you may be aware of something in the press regarding ‘MOMO’ .It is a character prompting children to hurt themselves or others by doing unsafe acts, usually by “popping up” during YouTube streaming.

There have been a number of news stories regarding this in the past so it is very possible that this is simply a repeat of old news stories.

From checking out what information is available, there has been no links to ‘MOMO’ and any child fatalities or serious harm, although there is no doubt that it is a very nasty and unhealthy psychological meme aimed at young children.


We would like to reiterate to parents/carers  that you do need to be aware of what your children are doing when they are online .

You should also remind your children in general about on-line safety, in a manner that is age appropriate.


There are further links to useful information in the parent section of this website.