Empowering and successful

A huge number of guests accepted an invitation from the Derby High School to be part of fantastic, International Women’s Day event, organised by Mrs Wilkinson.

The guests from a vast array of occupations shared their experiences with our year 9 girls. The students sat in small groups and the guests moved round the tables, empowering all the girls with their huge breadth of knowledge and inspiration.

The students had great autonomy in the session to ask the guests whatever they wanted. The questions ranged from what they loved about their work, how they got to the position they were and how the right work/life balance can be struck. It was also important for the girls to understand there are many barriers to success and how these can be overcome.

Both of the  sessions were tremendously successful.

Representatives from ICT, banking, sports coaching, engineering, a director of charities, a police officer, a CBT specialist, a teaching and learning student’s officer at a university, an army major, an aide to an MP and a returning teacher and governor from The Derby, gave up their time to support the school but more importantly to enthuse, motivate and encourage our female students to be the best that they can be and celebrate who they are and the amazing talents they have to offer.

This was a fabulous event that engendered an excellent spirit of togetherness in a unity of purpose.