Colossal Colomendy

Our Aspirational Leadership Spirit, year 10 group, ventured to Colomendy in Wales to embark on an adventurous, three day residential, packed with challenging, outdoor and indoor activities.

The annual event offers the amazing opportunity for personal development, as leadership skills, confidence, resilience and team working abilities, flourish.

Day one began with a walk into the hills, returning for dinner then onto ‘Jacobs Ladder’, a teamwork climbing activity that tested the students’ courage and determination. The first day ended with a campfire, where stories and hopes and expectations were shared.

Day two involved the energetic ‘Laser Quest’ in the woods, the mentally taxing ‘Obstacle Challenge’, ‘Team Tech’ (constructing a Trebuchet) then off for lunch. Fencing duels were next, then building a buggy out of barrels, poles and planks, pitted pupils against each other in a highly competitive challenge. Bouldering indoors saw students climbing round the walls of a carefully designed room. Dinner gave the students some respite from the action, followed by ‘Nightline’; a blindfolded activity in the woods that engendered a huge amount of trust in the students, as they relied on careful instructions to avoid obstacles. A night walk ended the day.

The final day consisted of conquering the fear of the high and fast zip wire and then the low ropes as students headed for lunch feeling a huge sense of achievement.

The students shared what they believed were the best aspects of the residential. Below are some of their answers:

“The chance to be independent”

“The chance to mix with new people”

“Gaining confidence and communication skills”

“(it was) fun to be challenged”

“Being outdoors”

“Trust and communication”

“How close it brought the group together by teamwork.”

Everyone had their own favourite activity but, the sheer variety of the activities meant all individuals could shine in a shared experience. An amazing opportunity that will leave a lasting impression on the students!