Engineering marvels

Our year 8 Students made a fantastic impression at the Greater Manchester Engineering Challenge. This fabulous event was organised by The University of Manchester and sponsored by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Technology.

Equipped with lots of plastic materials, they enthusiastically made their way to the Sackville Street Building Great Hall at The University of Manchester, ready to immerse themselves in their engineering tasks.

The morning session involved them tackling the subject of air pollution in their local area and Greater Manchester. How did they feel about this? They felt appalled, worried that they were the next generation facing this crisis and they wanted to make a change.

Their task was to think like engineers and come up with myriad solutions and present these. Our group came up with the idea of traffic lights fitted with air pollution meters that sent messages to drivers and the system also gave priority to electric car users. An ingenious chip mechanism cut the engine revs of non-electric cars making electric the speediest away to travel.

The next task yielded similar innovative ideas as they were asked to design and engineer something out plastic that would address the issue of loneliness.

One of our groups designed a talking bunny with eyes that lit up signalling that it was time for the child with that character to make it speak, thus getting children who each had a character making it talk as part of a story.

The other group made a superb water filter system and an electric lamp. These would all be made as part of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) market. People would be given plans to make the items and it would bring the community together in a maker event that would be a social engagement triumph!

The enthusiasm, drive and motivation of the students was superb! If they decide to become engineers, as a career, our future will be in safe hands.