Planting a woodland

The Derby High School Nature Club, celebrated the 350 trees that they were gifted from the Woodland Trust by organising a superb community event. The Friends of The Derby, students, parents/carers, a Metrolink representative and teachers joined together to engage in an amazing session planting the trees.

Nature Club organiser Mrs Thornton distributed the wide variety of trees which included, Silver Birch, Hazel, Oak, Hawthorn and Blackthorn.

 Mrs Thornton was thrilled with the response of the school community:

 “I was absolutely delighted with the number of volunteers who attended the event. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who donated their time and energy. I think 350 trees in one hour must be a record! The children all worked very hard before the event to set everything up. They will all remember this event for a long time to come as they thoroughly enjoyed it.”

 A wealth of refreshments were on hand for all to enjoy. It was superb to see students working in a variety of roles, both before and during, to ensure the event ran smoothly. The trees were planted in an area behind the Sports Hall and this will create a legacy for years to come. The area will soon be teeming with wildlife. What a way to celebrate nature.