Great minds collaborate

A superb, innovative, GCSE revision session took place this week, as high achieving Derby High students, from year 11, travelled to Woodhey High School, to work alongside the eager Woodhey students.

This session was led by The Derby’s Mrs Booth and Woodhey’s Miss Pierre and Mrs Turner, as they combined their AQA examiner expertise, to ignite the learning of this highly receptive group.

The English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 were covered in an extremely productive, two hour session.

The students read the texts to each other, discussed them and effectively analysed them, under the careful guidance of the teachers. Focusing on the detail and perception in Paper 1 and looking at the similarities and differences between exemplar questions for Paper 2, the differing tasks kept students alert and engaged, as they practiced their answers.

The students were able to challenge and understand each other’s’ in depth analysis.

This was a huge success and bodes well for future sessions!