Gateway to University

Our Year 7 Gateway cohort had a fantastic day discovering the world of Higher Education at The University of Manchester.

For many of them it was their first opportunity to see a university and find out what university life is like. They toured the Oxford Road Campus area of the University viewing the key academic buildings and accommodation.

They learned how university was very different from school life and the exciting challenges and opportunities that it affords.

University Challenge was the main activity for the day as they participated in six different challenges, all designed to feature the variety of subjects on offer at the University.

The menu consisted of : Chocs Away (looking at marketing chocolate), Loop the Loop-motion and flight (Maths and Physics), Sniff Sniff (Chemistry), Speaking with your hands (language and communication), Sweet Geography (Geography) and Take a look inside-MRI scanning (Medicine/Science).

The University Ambassadors facilitated the sessions and later gave their own personal insight into university study and life.

This was a brilliant introduction, providing some fascinating insights that inspired the students to aim high.