Adventures in the STEAM Garden

Our STEAM Garden was the setting for a series of adventurous lessons that showcased a variety of activities. Outdoor expert Helen Spring led the sessions as select groups of students, including  our Nature Club, year 6 primary students (who will be coming to The Derby in September), Top ATL achievers from year 7 and RSA high achievers, all thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The purpose of the day was to link in with the Great Science Share and to build on the scientific inquiry and questioning skills that students need to develop to ‘think like a scientist’. The students looked at balance on a seesaw , heated dough by holding it on sticks over a fire pit, created Hapa Zome patterns ( by hammering leaf leaves covered by cloth), operated pulleys to lift buckets of water, went bug hunting and tested the Archimedes Screw.

After each activity the series of questions, generated by the activity, were shared with the group. This was a fantastic, exciting way to use the garden to its full potential. The weather was testing at times but come rain or shine Helen Spring and the students made the best of this great opportunity.