Maths Club engages year 9 students

The Maths Club, for our year 9 students at Manchester Metropolitan University, was another day of intense competition. Tasks involving creating different shapes, warmed the students up for the following problem solving exercises. The sheer variety of these days ensures students are constantly moving on to different types of thought provoking activities.

Creating 3D shapes, solving a series of clues to eliminate numbers on a grid to discover people’s house numbers, playing the ’24’ game (where four different numbers have to combine in multiplication, addition, subtractions or division to achieve 24) were just some of the exercises on offer.

Working in teams is vital on these tasks. The aim of these days is very specific, to use the exercises to train students to answer their GCSE questions on categories such as shape and fraction, stressing the vital importance of reading the question thoroughly. These days are not about magic they are about logic and learning techniques. They ensure, that in a very enjoyable way, students become much more proficient mathematicians.