Terrific transferable skills

Our Year 10 Gateway cohort learned valuable transferable skills on their trip to The University of Manchester.

The session began with students looking at different educational pathways to their career goal. The benefits of HE were reinforced as the vast opportunities that university study opens up for graduates were explained. Experiencing university life with its social and cultural opportunities inspired students to want to know more. Students explored case studies of potential students and using prospectus were able to complete a task to get these applicants on the right course, at the university to suit them.

In the afternoon they did a major task in a remarkably short space of time as they developed their transferable skills. They viewed a presentation on the Students’ Union and in groups created a manifesto, campaign, speech and lobbied for votes imagining they were running for President of the Students Union.

The presentations honed their skills. The students had achieved so much in this action packed day.