Escape Room

We are always looking for new opportunities for our students and the chance to participate in Bury College’s Science Escape Room was a challenge we wanted to seize!

Eight year 9 students from The Derby split into two teams. they were joined by two teams from The Elton High School. They battled against each other for almost two hours!

Clues were placed around the labs and even in outdoor locations that they had to use a telescopes to view. The aim was to solve a murder to be able to escape. This type of activity ensured that in a race against each other, and the clock, the teams were fully engaged in science experiments that led them ever closer to escape.

Using all their skills one team from the Derby did mange to escape but in a slower time than the Elton team. Both of our teams returned to school delighted that they has been able to embark on this challenge. Even the team that did not escape were smiling.

See our two teams below