Spectacular Prizegiving

The new format and new venue for our two prizegivings, year 7 and year 8 In the morning and year 9 and year 10 in the afternoon showcased our students in our Excel Sports Hall.

Our whole school community: students, staff, Governors, parents and carers, rejoiced in the achievements of our students which will be an inspiration to others.

The students shone bright as they received subject awards, Attitude to Learning awards, Platinum Achievement awards and attendance awards. New trophy awards for the  7Rs (for exemplifying our school ethos), Resilience (for overcoming obstacles and achieving success by never giving up), Community (for being a beacon for the school community, going above and beyond, reaching out to others and supporting our mission) were superbly received.

Year 10 received additional awards that reflected our learning environments. Excel was awarded for Sport, Discover for Science, Inspire for Expressive Arts and there were awards for our top mentor and leader.

In each of the prizegivings overall achievement and progress in each year group were highly coveted prizes.

The event included exciting components at key moments. Our Headteacher Ms Hubert reflected on a year of amazing successes and opportunities, our Head Boy and Head Girl shared what has inspired them and they were given their badges along with our Student Senior Leaders. The Plastic Pollution Dance delivered a timely message with a powerful performance.

This was a fabulous way to end our term. Celebrating the success of our students in such a joyful way is truly memorable.