The Quest for Resilience

As part of our Resilience Enrichment Programme our Year 7 students found themselves immersed in the highly competitive ‘Quest’. This consisted of a series of activities designed to test team working and innovation to their limits!

The hour long session began in our multi purpose Excel Sports Hall. Students were grouped into forms and given a series of quick activities such as using physical theatre to create a Pirate Galleon in the group, or simply to get themselves into height order. Points were awarded to the teams that did these activities the quickest. 

Forms were then asked to select students from their group, according to suitability for the other tasks, that they promptly went off to other venues to compete in. 

The school was then a buzz of activity as students performed a plethora of  challenges, involving trivia, history, engineering, literacy, sport, numeracy and problem solving.

The students then went back to the Sports Hall to be congratulated on their efforts and were then dismissed after a breathtaking hour.