Shaping a city of the future

Ten talented Year 9 students have embarked upon a global STEM challenge, competing in an opportunity involving robotics. The team consists of members who performed well in the ‘Robots in Action’ event held earlier in the year. They have to build a skyline of the future. They then design, build and programme a Lego robot.

They have been issued with an outline of a city. The students need to plan and construct the city, taking into account all the factors you would expect them to have to consider,  such as environmental impact. Are sustainable materials being used? How will it impact on the population?

They have 10 hours to complete the task which is being done each week in 45 minute sessions, 3:15pm-4:00pm. Their enthusiasm for the project has been tremendous and the group is ensuring that through excellent project management tasks have been undertaken in smaller groups.

The city, to be named by them is in its infancy but has massive potential! The students are delighted be at the forefront of this innovative venture, having been offered the opportunity by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University Of Manchester.