Enquiry based learning

Our Year 11 students participated in their final Gateway trip at Manchester University. The five-year programme came to its conclusion with an energized session that culminated in creative presentations.

The day started with an introduction to teaching and learning at university with an emphasis on note taking to show them the skills they will need to get the most out of lectures. Students were then introduced to the main topic for the day in the form of a lecture; Plastic pollution.

Students mixed with other schools to do an innovative presentation regarding plastic pollution, based on a perspective that interested them most. They could focus on the danger to health, the damage done to marine life, the science behind plastic and the dramatic effect it has on tourism.

The students spent time looking at sources and ascertaining their reliability to gather the vital information required to have a thorough understanding of the topic

The aim of the day was to develop reflective learners who could complete an enquiry based learning approach to the topic plastic pollution. It produced some superb results with our students working in teams to showcase their work.