Creative careers

Careers in the creative industries are growing rapidly, that is why it is crucial for our students to be immersing themselves in the locations and opportunities surrounding us. It was with that in mind that the trip for Year 10 media students was deemed integral to their learning. A bespoke day allowed them to engage in understanding aspects of Media City at Salford Quays

They received an in-depth presentation regarding all the opportunities available in the industry and looked at routes in the careers. Apprentices from Media City were on hand to explain their experiences of studying, applying and working in their various sectors.

The tour of the BBC opened their eyes to environments that people work in. They looked at radio sound effects in a room where radio plays are recorded. They also went into a radio studio and had programme details explained. Television studios and their layout were discussed and finally students got to try their hand at presenting the BBC Breakfast news and the weather bulletins.

This was a fabulous opportunity that will inspire students to consider these routes.